Welcome to Popsqueak

I am Julia and have always had a passion for fabrics since starting to sew when I was around 12 years old!  After having my own children, I really loved making items for them and did a fashion and fabric course to extend my knowledge.  More recently I decided to take this a step further and make it my business!  I have a love of fun fabrics and particularly enjoy putting colours together and patterns that will suit certain fabrics. 

Having joined the North Devon Wedding Network in the spring, I am concentrating more for the  wedding market and special events in thinking about ways of creating a co-ordinated look which looks fabulous in photographs.  Using the basis of cream or white to compliment the bride, the co-ordinating fabrics add just a touch of colour which are aimed at picking up with a chosen colour theme. 

I am making a conscious effort to use natural fabrics as synthetics (used mostly by mass marketed clothes producers) can take up to 200 years to decompose.    By making the decision to use natural fabrics where at all possible, I have started purchasing pure cotton threads and interfacing that is cotton based.  These are slightly more expensive, but I do feel it is a choice worth making.  Whilst not shouting from the rooftops or expecting us to change our spending habits immediately, I do think we have to start in making a difference.   Remember how recycling first started and where we are today with reductions in plastic use!

Linking the fabric into other accessories is “my thing” so am keen on providing other little touches, such as a bag (which could be used for flower petals) hair bands, clips, reversible jackets, and more!  I have even thought about providing the dog with a matching bandana!  Being mindful of reusing the dresses, I also intend that the sashes can be removed or replaced and are therefore more likely to be re-worn after the big event.     

For this particular Wedding Fair, I wanted to show how you could have different items all made from the same material and I picked up the colours with using a pink ribbon for the girls’ dresses.  It highlighted quite nicely the cummerbund and bow tie made to order to extend the theme.  We even had “Ed the Ted” in his own outfit to match (which of course could have been the page boy or a male guest addition).


Have a browse through the site to see what you like and give me a call, or drop me a text or email.

Our speciality at Popsqueak is to provide handmade clothing for little individuals because thankfully we are all a little bit different!